Welcome to the "First" Barkans Family Web Site!!!

Since the Barkans Family comes from Latvia, this web site opens with a recent Postcard image from Riga.

Riga in ~2001

This Barkans Family Web Site consists of two main sections:

Services: barkans.net offers the following free services:

Meet the family - What family web site would be complete without a few personal home pages?

Email Forwarding:

Yes you can have your own email address that ends in @barkans.net. For example sending mail to tony@barkans.net actually sends mail to another address. In other words this isn't the same as a free email account (such as hotmail or yahoo), in that your messages are never stored on this server. 

To use the service use the following steps. 

I may be a techie, but I think its cool to use a barkans.net email address instead of some (obviously) free hotmail address!

Enter the name you want to use:    

  Enter your existing Email address:

NOTE: Please allow up to 3 days for your mail to be forwarded from barkans.net

Web Pages:

Yes you too can have a web page (or a link to an existing one) here! All you need is some tenuous connection to the Barkans Family. 

Your page will be linked below, in the meet the family section. You can also give out the address directly (such as http://www.barkans.net/tony.htm) and let your friends by-pass this page. To have your home page hosted on this web site you can:

  1. Make your own web page: The web master will accept word documents and jpeg images. If you would like to add a page and have questions about what to do or how to go about it, then either call me (Tony) or send email to webmaster@barkans.net

  2. Add a link to an existing page. For example if you have a home page on another site, you can send the link to webmaster@barkans.net and the link will be added to the scary list below:

Now the Scary Part!!! Meet Some of the Family

NOTE: The indentations are used to mark the generations. Each set of kids is indented one level from their parents, and then listed from oldest down to youngest.

NOTE number 2: To add, delete or modify a name from the list please send email to webmaster@barkans.net

  Peteris "Pete" Barkans   and  Carol (Glad) Barkans  

Sigrid Michaelyn (Davis) Torres - Carol's daughter and Pete's Step daughter

Bruce C "Bob" Torres

Margarete (Barkans) Marks

Kathleen M (Marks) and Stephen Gerhart

Lauren M Gerhart

Paige Gerhart

David N Marks

Anthony C "Tony" Barkans   and Olga V "Olinka" Barkans

Erik W "Erik" Barkans

Ashleigh P "Ashleigh or Ash" Barkans 

Liga K (Barkans) and Thomas V McGahan

Tara C McGahan

Ryan H McGaham

Cassandra A (Barkans) and Alan J Last

Tristan A Last

Meesha S Last

Katrina M Last


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Page last updated 01/08/2003


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